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Sports massage

Sports massage

Massage Therapy Calgary

Massage Therapy Calgary

Calgary Massage


We work together as a team to provide a holistic approach to good health. Our techniques and skills are done with care and our focus is comfort for all clients.


Whether your injuries are chronic or acute, we'll show you the many benefits of massage.

  1. Release muscles and joint pain

  2. Treating sleep disorders

  3. Treating headaches and migraines

  4. Reducing stress and anxiety

  5. Treating sciatica and tendonitis

  6. Helping weight loss

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These days, it seems as if nearly every person has lots of stress and pains ailing their bodies. From professional athletes to office workers, day laborers and doctors, virtually everyone could use help in shaking off their worries and aches.


And while you can find plenty of choices for local Calgary massage services, not all of them know how to target key areas for improved healing. It takes experienced providers who know how to heal any discomfort you may encounter now holistically.


HC Massage remains one of the best in massage therapy clinics in Calgary. We help patients from throughout the greater Calgary, Alberta, community in discovering their ideal level of comfort and relief every day.


Our massage treatments quickly help in bolstering your immune system, enhances your focus and energy, and helps improve your metabolism, as well as many other healing benefits. For the natural approach to your best level of wellness, you need our expert massage therapists today.

Massage Therapist Calgary

Massage therapy can be provided in different forms, but it takes an experienced group of practitioners to offer them all. Whether you have a work-related pain, sports injury, or need help soothing your busy mind, you’ve come to the best Calgary massage services provider in town.


Our staff can keep you feeling your best each time with trusted massage therapy techniques that get results fast. In just 30 minutes, your body and mind will have more stress and tension eased away than you might believe.


Whatever areas of concern you may have, or whatever it is we can do for you, you always have experienced therapists ready to help you heal. Contact us now to discover more about your upcoming session for:


  • Acupuncture

  • Sports Massage

  • Myofascial Cupping

  • Therapeutic Massage Treatment

  • Couple’s Massage Sessions

  • And more massage therapy solutions


Whichever of our effective treatment plans remain the right choice for you, our staff can ensure that you feel your best at the end of them all. Allow us to help your body recover today with quality massage therapy techniques.

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Sports Massage Calgary

Whether you are a professional athlete, are involved in a team sport, or merely try and remain active every day, any healthy adult could benefit from a sports massage session. Unlike traditional massage therapy, which seeks to relax and rejuvenate, your sports massage treatment aims to help your daily injuries in recovering faster.


The way sports massage works is that your treatment therapist targets soft muscle tissues, which remain responsible for forming internal connections. For over 3,000 years, cultures have relied on message treatments for physical conditions, improving your overall well being quickly.


By reducing tension and inflammation in your skin, ligaments, and other softer tissue areas, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your complete pain management needs. By working out areas that are compacting nerves, healing from twists and sprains, or from practicing too hard, you can feel your body in recovering faster than before.

When you need to remain at your peak level of competitiveness, it helps when you heal more efficiently between games. Make sure that your body maintains its top form today and choose us for your next appointment.

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Myofascial Cupping

Myofascial Cupping became famous after many Olympic athletes swore by its effectiveness while competing in the games. Using a suction cup, we create a vacuum around your most agitated muscles, allowing blood to rise to the top.


Once the suction gets taken away, your body reacts by releasing all of the tension and collected fluids, leading to a wave of relief. The method is much more effective than physical massaging alone as it works beneath the skin’s surface.

Therapeutic Massage Calgary

Most people think that a therapeutic massage is the same as a traditional relaxation session. While a relaxation massage has its benefits, a therapeutic application activates more of your body’s natural healing processes.


A therapeutic massage takes a more clinical approach to relieving your aches and pains. We first provide a complete assessment of your current health, your areas of tension, and target these regions with a deep-reaching massage.


Whether you have developed pain in your hips, soreness in your back and neck, or any other aches, our therapists remain confident in easing them all fast. By working out lingering tension and promoting improved mobility, you can make it through the day much more comfortably.


Whatever is preventing you from feeling like yourself, we are here to ease your muscles and keep stress at bay. Call us now and book your consultation and discover your best natural healing plan.

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Couples Massage

Some patients feel naturally hesitant about enjoying a treatment session because they don’t feel comfortable about themselves around strangers. We provide couples massage sessions as well as to help you relax even further for your treatments.


From planning a unique idea for a date, or to show how much that you appreciate all that they do, it’s a practical way of spending time together. Many couples struggle with finding ways to relax when the other half is around, but a massage session together might be what the doctor recommends.

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Direct Billing Massage

Imagine how refreshed you would feel after 30 minutes in our herbal steam chamber, followed by an hour-long massage treatment? As soon as you walk out, however, the first thing you must do is contact your insurance company, which quickly brings your blood pressure back up.


Instead, we offer direct billing massage services that take care of the hassle for you. When we bill your insurance company directly, it allows you to relax more and forget about one more chore for the day. Plus we offer you the convenience to book your massage online.

Massage Near Me

The average person already takes too many prescriptions as it is, and you need a safer way to treat daily aches and pains. Massage therapy remains a practical way of healing pain without the need for medications.

Contact HC Massage today to schedule your session for natural pain treatment solutions.

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