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Our massage therapy specialists in Calgary have a variety of experience and skills in Chinese and Western massage techniques. With a holistic approach to healing, we are eager to help you achieve your ultimate quality of life. We believe in compassion and understanding you will feel confident that you have chosen the right team for whatever journey you are on.

We request that our clients provide 24-hour notice for any cancellations. You may be charged a cancellation fee for missed appointments, or appointments cancelled with 24 hours. 

Ammabelle Austria

Ammabelle is a Registered Massage Therapist, trained at MAKAMI College. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy. With her extensive knowledge and understanding of the musculoskeletal system and human anatomy, Ammabelle is able to apply her knowledge in Pain Management and Muscle Rehabilitation.In addition, she also has skills in Orthopedic Assessment, Therapeutic Techniques, Deep Tissue (including dynamic cupping), Swedish Relaxation, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Therapy.

Ana Culpan

Ana Culpan is a 2200 hours registered massage therapist..  Her main focus is to help and educate clients about muscles problems and how they work.  She's good at deep tissue and relaxation massage, cupping, hot oil head massage, and headache treatments.

Andres De La Pava

Andres is a highly trained massage therapist with 2,200 hours.  Utilizes deep understanding of muscle systems, joint pain, and body structure while assessing client pain points and manipulating specific muscles and soft tissues to provide pain relief and promote well-being.  Effectively guides clients in self-care techniques, including stretching, physical activity, and stress-reduction exercises while monitoring health progress and suggesting additional techniques.

Dolly Carcha

Dolly is a Registered Massage Therapist, trained at MAKAMI college. She practices Deep tissue, Swedish, Sports massage, Trigger point Therapy and Myofascial Release. Joint mobilizations, Therapeutic Techniques.
This combination of modalities is ideal for relief of shoulder, neck, back pain, sciatic pain, digestive issues. She sincerely cares and is always willing to go extra mile for her clients.

Hong Wang

Hong is a 3000 hour Registered Massage Therapist, and are now studying in MaKami college. She has been trained in both traditional Chinese and Western massage techniques. She practices traditional Chinese Tuina, therapeutic and deep tissue massage, reflexology, Chinese acupressure, trigger point , and cupping. Hong uses a Chinese essential herbal oil and heat to compliment her massage techniques. This combination of modalities is ideal for relief of headache/migraines, shoulder, neck, back pain, frozen shoulder, insomnia, sciatic pain, arthritis, digestive issues, Tennis and Golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, stiff neck, ankle sprain, muscle strains and more. She is a compassionate healer and prides herself in helping others to the best of her abilities.

Jerry Wania

Jerry is a 3000 hours Registered Massage Therapist and trained at MaKami College. He works as Physiotherapy Assistant for more than 3 years. He is expert in physiotherapy and good at orthopedic assessment, deep tissue and sports massage.

Li Ying

Ying is Registered Massage Therapist and trained at Makami College for 3000 hours. She also trained by traditional Chinese Massage, Thai Massage. She offer Relaxation (Swedish, Sports, Hot stone, Herb, lymphatic drainage) Massage , Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy, Chinese Massage, Thai Massage.

Wing Ha Mok


Zhichun Zhang

Zhichun Zhang graduated from Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and I am a registered acupuncturist with good standing with College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta.

Traditional Chinese medicine sees the body as a whole, so the initial consultation with a Chinese medicine doctor or acupuncturist covers every aspect of patients’ health condition, even the diet, bowel movement, sleeping quality, etc. We use 4 comprehensive diagnostic methods of Inspection, Auscultation and Olfaction, Inquiry and Pulse-taking to analyze the symptoms that patients are experiencing and the root causes of the problem. Then during treatment, I treat the root causes while taking care of the symptoms. For example, a patient coming in with a main complain of insomnia may find after a few sessions that she/he is sleeping better, and at the same time the bloating is much relieved, hands and feet are not that cold any more, etc .

There are many schools of Chinese medicine practices and I am a big fan of the Spleen-Stomach School, who attaches great importance to improving patients’ digestion, which corresponds to modern western medical research findings that the 70%-80% of our immune system tissue is situated in the digestive tract. Only when the digestion is working better, can our body generate sufficient Qi (life energy) and Blood to circulate all through the body smoothly to achieve the balance of all the internal organs function. So, digestion, digestion, always digestion! When patients understand this, they won’t be surprised when I put needles for digestion even if their main complaint is shoulder pain.

In my acupuncture practice, I always explain those basic concepts to the patients in a simple way even if there are some Chinese medicine terms. I believe most patients are willing to understand those concepts that I am using in their acupuncture treatment, and more importantly, I find from my experience that the treatments tend to be more effective when patients are actively involved.

World Health Organization has a list of diseases that can be effectively treated by acupuncture. I use a combination of acupuncture, Chinese Tuina massage, Chinese cupping, moxibustion and herbal medicine in my practice depending on patients’ conditions. My specialty is all kinds of pain syndromes, headache, migraine, digestion problems, low energy, sleeping problems, depression, anxiety, menstruation, menopause, etc. I just enjoy seeing my patients have more smiles each time they come to see me! As a mom of two, I am also extremely interested in pediatric Tuina massage (my fingers are my needles for kids) to help improve our little ones’ health. 

In my spare time, I enjoy searching around Calgary with my family. I also take 3-4week vacation every year to visit my parents in China while attending Chinese medicine and acupuncture training courses there. I hope everyone is and will be benefiting from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. 

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Clients are required to provide 24-hour notice for any cancellations. You may be charged a cancellation fee for missed appointments, or appointments cancelled with 24 hours. 

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