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In the last week:
I have been coming to Nancy once every 2 weeks for my back and neck. She is absolutely amazing. I have never felt such long lasting relief from pain. Her knowledge and technique of Chinese medicine and therapeutic massage compare to none. I will be a long lasting customer!! Her husband Jack does the same amazing work for my husband who has been coming for a while now with amazing results! This family is great if you are looking for relief from pain or any other issue.

Saira S

Calgary, AB

I typically see Jack for my massage needs (he is fantastic!) but he was not available yesterday so I saw Nancy instead.

Nancy's massage technique is different than Jack's but still very good. She is attentive to her client - checking in to make sure that her pressure is appropriate. She has a gentle and caring way about her and is genuinely wanting to help people feel better in their bodies.

I appreciate her use of alternate tools (i.e., hot rocks, hot towels, muscle oils) to best address problem areas. My impression was that she had a vast experience from which to draw, making her very adept at treating a wide range of issues.

I really like how both Jack and Nancy approach massage from a Western AND Eastern perspective - using elements from both traditions in their massages to best meet their clients' needs.

If you are looking for massage therapists who are knowledgable, caring and who have great technique, L&G Sports and Therapeutic Massage is my top recommendation.

Vicki D

Calgary, AB

Jack and Nancy, you guys are simply the best. I was suffered from back pain for quite a long time. After massage at your location, I feel much better! Sincerely thank you for your help!

Wayne T

Calgary, AB

L&G Massage is one of the best in the city that I've been to. Jack and Nancy have helped greatly with my lower back, neck and knee injuries. Since getting massages from Jack over the past month,  I have noticed an actual noticeable decrease in pain levels of those areas. My general posture and workouts have also been better since. Jack seems to know exactly where I am in pain and the deep tissue massages give me results that are actually noticeable compared to other relaxation massage clinics. My mother had multiple painful areas and often complained of severe cramping at night in her legs and feet waking up 4 or 5 times a night. She also had an extremely tight neck and back from stress and injuries from years ago. She's been to the chiropractor and has been getting acupuncture for years but after only 2-3 months of massages from Jack every week she no longer has cramps at night and her back and neck have been feeling way better. If you're looking for results due to injury, stress or other reasons L&G massage will definitely give you them. Thank you so much for the amazing service as always. 

Dara K.

Calgary, AB

Nancy, I was recommended to you by a friend when I had hurt my back, because  I had tried other methods of treatment with out much success. I was unable to sit , lay down or even sleep for a week and a half. After seeing you for two visit for massage I was able to sleep a couple of hours a night. After four visits I was sleeping most of the night. Now I am sleeping normally and feeling healthy again. Nancy genuinely cares about her clients and does everything she can to help what ever your situation is.She even gives suggestions of things you can do at home to help speed up you healing process. I will continue to see Nancy for regular masses to keep my back in good condition. I would also recommend  Nancy to all my friends an family. Thank you Nancy. 

Carol M.

Calgary, AB

Nancy and Jack. Just a short note to say thank you to both you and Jack for helping us. As you know, after my spinal surgery, I was very tentative to have anyone touch me. Afterwards, as I finally realized that I really did need help, you showed your expertise in not only the massage of the muscles but just as importantly, making active movement in areas that have not moved for a while. You definitely are more than a 'massage therapist' in my mind. As for my wife, after her sensitive surgery, you were the reason we followed from the other massage group. Then finding that Jack also was able to focus on her specific needs, has helped in her healing and has given us both hope for her longterm progress. So, to you both, for your concern for our overall health and for your willingness to take extra time in order to facilitate our healing, thank you. Bless you and Jack as you continue to use both Western and Eastern experiences to help people like my wife and I. 

Rick H.

Calgary, AB

Jack and Nancy are just awesome. Their healing goes beyond expectations. I went to Nancy and Jack for the first time a couple of months ago for a trial. I have arthritis in my neck since I was 5 years old and would go to a Chiropractor without it getting better. Jack started to heal me and since then I can now move my fingers and don't get pain in my neck anymore. Before I would get paralysed every couple weeks, not able to move my limbs. Their massages are just magica!.


Calgary, AB

I have been to see Jack several times and he is without a doubt one of the best massage therapists I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. 
He is extremely detail focused and methodical in his approach and he always has suggestions on things I can do at home to help improve mobility and reduce muscle soreness and tightness.
What I like best about his massage, is that he is able to incorporate multiple methods to most effectively address my issues (i.e., heating pad, hot stones, a massage chair, varying massage techniques). 
If you are struggling with sore muscles, tightness or headaches, I highly recommend a visit to Jack. He will help.  Vicki

Vicki D

Calgary, AB

 I work out at the gym on a daily basis and had continuous shoulder problems, even after a year of having frequent massages and physiotherapy. I was fortunate enough to meet Nancy for one of my massage treatment and within four months of seeing her, I was pain free. She has enormous amount of experience, very knowledgeable and highly professional. I am a very satisfied client and continue to see Nancy on a regular basis.

Philip M

Calgary, AB

I have only visited L&G Sports and Therapeutic Massage twice but had a very positive experience on both occasions. The very knowledgeable therapist's deep tissue massage really addressed my issues. I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone. Definitely the best massage therapist I have ever been to!


Calgary, AB

I just want to say how much relief Nancy has given me.  She is a real professional, with heart.  Not only was she able to take me from extreme back pain, to where I'm almost 100%  in 3 visit, she took the time to search (stretching videos) that I could do on my own, to continue to improve.  I absolutely would recommend Nancy!


Calgary, AB

When I first came to see Nancy, I had lost my voice and had been coughing for one month. I felt very welcomed when I walked in the office and found Nancy to be very attentive and kind. She listened to my concerns and started working on my back, neck and chest. She told me hat with regular treatments (ie once a week), my voice should come back gradually. She was right! After only one treatment, my cough loosened and within 2 weeks, my vloice was back! I will continue to see Nancy and really believe in the therapy she offers!

Miche L

Calgary, AB

I was very relaxed, she was very knowledgable with all muscles. Helped with the stretching and overall body movement.

Would strongly recommend all my friends and family to Nancy.


Calgary, AB

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